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Puzzles Are In!

In July last year, I fell in love with jigsaw puzzles. When I tried to tell family and friends about my new passion, I got this: "Oh, yeah, my kids just put together a 2000 piece number. They need a new challenge." I had just finished a 300 large piece, thinking I had done something grand. Then my kids laughed at me. "Jigsaw puzzles are for old people, Mom. But then you are kinda old, aren't you?"

Well! Excuse me! Did those remarks stop me? No way. I am hooked.

Now I am delighted to share a news flash on Facebook from A.J. Jacobs. You may be familiar with A.J's takes on becoming the smartest person, living biblically, life as experiment, and getting drop dead healthy. He even wrote of a journey to thank every person in the world who helped produce his morning cup of coffee. But now TA-TA! A.J. IS WRITING A BOOK ABOUT PUZZLES MAKING JIGSAW PUZZLING AND OTHER PUZZLING HIGHLY VISIBLE AND LEGITIMATE!


So a few months ago, the Jacobs family had the honor of representing the USA in the International Jigsaw Puzzle Championship, which was held in Spain. We finished second….to last! (That’s Julie’s joke. But it’s true. We were 39th out of forty nations. At least we beat Portugal). It was research for my upcoming book on how puzzles can make humans into better thinkers (crosswords, riddles and of course jigsaws). The Associated Press just published an article on jigsaws as the hot new trend, and we are featured. They ran these photos. My kids are super-understanding for begrudgingly agreeing to wear the T-shirts I had made up for Team USA Jigsaw. They are heroes. By the way, the Russian team took first place. No evidence of doping. They were just really good. The four Siberian women finished four large jigsaw puzzles in 3.5 hours. We finished one large jigsaw puzzle in 8 hours. We sat next to the head of the Ugandan team who is, this is true, colorblind. Now that is an inspiring story! Like a jigsaw equivalent of “Rudy!” (Courtesy of Facebook, A.J. Jacobs)

The A.J. Jacobs Family

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