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About Bumps in My Literary Journey for Literary Mama

Dear Kaye,

Thanks for submitting your charming response to Literary Mama’s latest writing prompt. We’d be happy to publish it on the blog in the next few weeks. Warmly, Libby

About “I Didn't Want Grandkids” from GRAND Magazine Publisher

Hello Kaye and thanks so much for your submission!

I love it!  It is so honest and real. We hear from many grandparents expressing the magic that takes hold of them once their very own grandchildren are born, but not with as much candor as your essay provides. It would be our pleasure to consider this for our website  or maybe the Nov/Dec issue. I’m sharing with our editor and will get back to you.


About upcoming Erma Bombeck humor anthology from Editor

Title:  Laugh Out Loud: 40 Women Humorists Celebrate Then and Now…Before We Forget.

Hey, Kaye

…I read your cremation piece on your website, and I love, love, love it. I love the visual of the “baggies on the table.” And I think lots of women will relate to the “other woman.”  Yours is the very best so far…so we hope we can work it out.  Stay tuned.


About “Not My Privates You Don’t” from Editor

Hi, Kaye,

Great story, nicely written!

Readers liked it too!


About “Everyday Miracles” from Editor

Hi, Kaye,

I love this piece!


About “The Tables Have Turned” from Editor

Hi, Kaye,

Nice essay!


About “Talk to Yourself – It’s Good for You” from Editor

Hi, Kaye,

Fun piece!


About “Writing is Birthing” from Literary Mama editor


I put it on the schedule. It will run on Monday. Thanks so much for making those edits so quickly. I sure do like this piece. 


About “Writing is Birthing” - Reader Comment

I like this image of writing as birthing. Nicely done. Thanks kaye.

Posted by robin 

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